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An Ode to Rocky Road

Pink and white ‘mellows with cranberries, small jellies and almonds,
combined with a gentle touch to create a taste we love so much.
In a slab or to share, in a dainty cupcake or in a pair,
Many choices to suit your taste – Carob, white choc, milk choc, or dark.
All handmade and created with care, try all four if you dare!
A gift for someone special or a treat just for you,
Come on down and visit us – you know you want to!

You can buy our full range of wonderful Rocky Roads from our shop in Korora or buy it online.

Peanut Brittle Production Coffs Harbour NSW Australia

Delicious Nut Brittle

Our peanut brittle is a delectable confectionery made from hard golden toffee with fresh nuts rolled in. Our range includes macadamia, peanut and cashew. Also, we make a special macadamia and ginger version. It’s all handmade in our factory in Coffs Harbour from the finest, freshest ingredients

How is Peanut Brittle Made?

We start by slowly roasting fresh Australian peanuts. They are then carefully added to the hot golden toffee. Correct mixing is critical; too little and the nuts won’t be fully coated, too much, and the toffee can become crumbly. So, knowing the exact right time to stop mixing is crucial to produce clean, clear and crunchy brittles. Our awards are proof we make the finest brittles. In fact, we took Gold – Best in Show at the 2008 Melbourne Confectionery Awards! You can find our collection of awards on display in our factory. So, if you visit on brittle making day, you may even be lucky enough to sample our fresh product hot off the line! You can buy brittle from our shop here in Korora or online.

Choose from our full confectionery range online. Or why not arrange a visit to our factory shop and watch it being made? Call 1800 700 118 now.